Landscapers Melbourne

Landscapers Melbourne



Creating an oasis right in your backyard

Garden Constructions have built an enviable reputation as some of the leading landscapers in Melbourne. As a one-stop landscaping service, we provide everything from landscape design to construction in Melbourne. Providing residential hard and soft landscaping, Garden Constructions have truly set ourselves apart as reputable, professional landscapers in Melbourne having worked with everyone from The Block TV show contestants to property investors and ordinary Aussie families.

From plants to paving

Landscaping Melbourne

Garden Constructions provide hard and soft landscaping in Melbourne, spanning outdoor area design and construction, paving, horticultural installations and swimming pools. Whether you need to work with innovative professionals to devise a landscape design or require a team of skilled tradesmen to carry out excavation, masonry, decking or anything in between, you can rely on Garden Constructions for all your landscaping in Melbourne.

The finest landscape designs in Melbourne

Landscape Design Melbourne

Our team is renowned for our landscape design in Melbourne. As part of our design process, we create concept plans, use computer-aided drawing, hand drafting and take care of your building permits. By working with you for your landscape design, we ensure that the design works in synergy with your home.

After the design process, Garden Constructions work with you during the landscape construction process, including:

  • Paving and concreting
  • Decking and seating
  • Fencing and retaining walls
  • Masonry and brickwork
  • Excavation and earthworks
  • Garden lighting

Our landscape design in Melbourne is innovative, creative and helps you bring the most out of your outdoor spaces. By working in accordance with your tastes, budget and space, we help you create your dream outdoor space. Our skills in blending functional paving, horticultural installations, outdoor entertaining areas, swimming pools and more to create stunning landscape designs in Melbourne has set us apart as the city’s leading landscapers.